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(15-3), at Relic Prison Prisoners Communist Vietnam, Phu Quoc, the provincial Party Committee, People's Committee and Fatherland Front Committee of Kien Giang province with the Contact Vietnamese POW formally organized meeting the 40th anniversary of the victory back and memorial of the martyrs who died in Phu Quoc.

Due to the prolonged hot weather and no rain, so tens of thousands of hectares of forest in Phu Quoc are at risk of large fires at any time.

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Building a smart city's model in Phu Quoc island
On 30 May 2016, Vietnam Post & Telecommunications Group with the head of the Provincial Party Committee, Kien Giang Provincial People’s Committee and the head of the Phu Quoc District discussed in building a smart city project. 

Nguyen Van Hoang – Deputy Chief of office of  Kien Giang People's committee said that there would be three points for the pilot project. 

Phu Quoc District of Kien Giang province was among three pilot project. Pham Anh Tuan – VNPT’s Deputy General Director informed that there would be approximately 20 smart cities in the world in 2013. 

He predicted that this figure would fourth by 2025. To build smart cities, governments have spent tens of billions of dollars, mainly developed internet infrastructure and large scaled data integrating center, offers a variety of services. 

According to Mr. Tuan, there are 3 based factors: postal infrastructure; informational technology, data integrating center and others. 

 In VNPT’s introduction about solutions and technologies of the smart city, VNPT showed impressive photos towards the benefit and modern to human life. 

Besides benefiting and modern, different sustainable development factors are environmental protecting, saving expenses and energies, reduce dependency and exploitation of natural resources. 

What in a smart city is? 

In the visualization of a smart city, every electric post or traffic light will become the information station or high-speed wifi station. 

For example, when tourists come to the smart city, their handphone will update right away of populations, GDP, area, location, visited destination, the weather, humidity, wind speed… 

Even more, the waste bin will emit the signal for staff whenever it’s full. The waste water management network will emit the signal if the environment is so polluted. 

“the focus of intelligent service is high-speed wifi around the city, the portal government with the public administrative service and wireless camera” Mr. Tuan said to. 

Tran Manh Hung – chairman of the VNPT members council affirmed that Phu Quoc would be a smart city because VNPT had established a fiber optical cable system which had been serving household, in which, Phu Quoc had been the first region providing successfully with 4G services in 2015. 

As Hung’s predicting, Phu Quoc will be finished the infrastructure system within one year and VNPT will impose on inclusive and available technological infrastructure to establish a smart city. In 2020, Phu Quoc will really become an electronic-government enclosing others a series of intelligence services. 

 The goal of development was necessary to turn Phu Quoc into a modern economic and administrative zone; eco-tourism center with high qualities. However, the first thing had to improve the intelligent residents and officer in the governmental manager system. Mai Văn Huỳnh – vice chairman of Kien Giang people’s committee said.

VNPT and the head of the Kien Giang province will soon cooperate each other.

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